The Water of Life




Whiskey VS Whisky 101


The amount choices one has to add to their favorite whisk(e)y can be overwhelming. Fear not we Whiskey vs Whisky are here to make your hectic even simpler when it comes to imbibing on that special golden liquid. When it comes time to relax and enjoy the drink, we should never fuss over the small stuff. Let the Whiskey be the star of the show.

Here is our rule of thumb. Do what you like! However, please keep it clean.

What do I mean by that? Well don’t go adding every imaginable thing into your drink.

Rule 1. Keep it clean

Rule 2. No more than 3 ingredients if you are making a cocktail

Rule 3. The more expensive the bottle, the less stuff you put in it

Rule 4. Try it all different ways. (More on rule 4 later)

Rule 5. To Ice or Not To Ice, that is the question

How to approach the bottle. Look at it; no really look at the bottle. Is it clear, is it dark? Read the label; learn about where the product comes from. When you drink whiskey, you are literally drinking the earth. Don’t forget the originally whiskey makers called it Aqua Vitae – Latin for “Water of Life”. Now granted back in the day (thousands of years ago) people drank distilled sprites because water was bad for you. UNCLEAN!

Therefore, when you get a bottle of Laphroaig 10yr or Lagavulin 16yr Yamazaki 12yr, you can literally taste, the Peat (Laphroaig) or the crystal clean water (Yaazmaki) or Peat and Smoke (Lagavulin) from its surroundings.

I always recommend two steps when you first get a bottle of whiskey. Especially if it is your first time drinking it. Step 1) pour a tiny amount in a clean dry glass. Swirl it look at the legs (more into that later) smell it, and taste it. Breathe in while doing it, similar to wine drinking. Step 2) add a tiny drop of water, Watch the oils in the whisky open up, now repeat step 1, swirl it, smell it, taste it.

Notice the differences! There are many trust me!

Rule 4 in depth: pour yourself a glass, smell it, swish it around like it’s a fine wine, admire its legs (yes really more on legs here). Smell it again. Look at its color. Now sip, wait for tongue feel, and breathe it in. Now ok, you just had your first glass as we call it “Neat”. On we are going to try it “on the rocks” or ice. I don’t prefer ice, for dilution if you want to dilute your drink, use room temp water. If you are making a summer cocktail go for it, ice it up and cold soda it up.

However, to appreciate the drink, room temp water will open it up. Ice can dull the oils in the drink, which is ok for some.

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