Upgrade your Ice Game!

When drinking great whiskey that took years to make some people like to add ice to chill the drink and open up the oils. (Oils? see more here) But, do you really want to add ice that you made in your freezer in a few hours?

Here are reasons NOT to add ice from your home ice maker.

  1. It’s too small. The smaller the ice cube the faster the melt rate, so the faster your whiskey will get diluted. Diluted whiskey = bad whiskey
  2. The ice in your freezer tastes like ass (the bad kind). Or fish. Or whatever else you have in there. If you leave ice standing the freezer for too long it works just like the box of baking soda you have in your fridge section. So do you want to put, frozen fish or frozen chicken in your whiskey? Didn’t think so.
  3. It’s cloudy. When Ice freezes, it forms these white areas, which come from minerals in the water and air bubble trapped inside.

Now we all don’t need to beget professional ice sculptors or pay big bucks for crystal clear ice blocks that took days to make.

Pick up one of those big ice cube makers XL ICE CUBES. It takes care of the size of the ice cube and melt rate.

But what about: absorbing odors and clarity?

I only use filtered water, like a Zero Water Filter, that takes care of a lot of the minerals. What about the air bubbles, boil your water, if you really want to go hardcore, boil it twice. Boil once, let it cool and boil once again and pour it into the mold. For smell, simply replace your ice once a week, or cover it in some plastic film.

Done! Next all you need is a chainsaw to make the sculptures seen here!!  Ice Art!

Check out the even cooler video : Quick before it melts!


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